Wellstone DRC Oakland General Election Flyer

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Wellstone DRC Berkeley General Election Flyer

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Announcing the Annual BBBON Picnic

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T-shirt order

Use this form to order one or more BBBON T-shirts. The price is $20. Make check payable to Sharon Rose and bring it to the picnic to get your shirt.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 10.
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A Week of Action in Oakland

Here is the text of a letter we received calling on BBBON to join the movement: Dear Allies: Our City is under siege and has been since Libby Schaaf took office.  Backed by large developers and private interests, she has moved with impunity while destroying and displacing communities of color in Oakland.  Also since her election as Oakland's mayor, the community has resisted her policies and practices with a myriad of beautiful tactics, actions and strategies. Now, Oakland is losing thousands of families per month to displacement, the Police Department is embroiled in yet another scandal and businesses like Uber are moving into our city without almost no accountability. The Anti Police-Terror Project, Black Power Network, ACCE Action, East Bay Organizing Committee (EBOC/Fight for 15). The East 12th Coalition and others invite you to a march & action to ReClaim our city and continue Oakland's resistance that will be part of a larger “week of actions’ beginning on Monday, June 13th. What:  March & action to ReClaim Oakland to demand:  immediate protections for renters, redirecting City money to protect low wage workers & public education around connection between police terror, displacement and the impact on our schools/young people. This will be a culminating event that’s part of a larger “week of actions” beginning on Monday, June 13th When:  Friday, June 17th gathering @ 3pm/march begins at 3:30 Where:  Meet @ E. 12th Parcel (diagonally across from 1200 Lakeshore Avenue on the estuary off Lake Merritt)   We will be rallying @ the E. 12th space and marching downtown to lift up our demands The week will target the repressive policies and practices of the Schaaf administration and fight back against private interests and large developers who are displacing our families and driving up rents. Our plan is to focus on: - Pressuring the City Council to extend the housing moratorium - ​Building pressure to place the Oakland Renter Protection Act measure on the November ballot - Public education campaign around the connection between police terror, displacement and the impact on our schools/young people. -Demands for community benefits including good jobs, affordable housing, and community stability to ensure that new development serves existing residents and workers. We encourage you to share this far & wide and please RSVP by responding to this email if you will be able to attend. In solidarity, Black Power Network Anti-Police Terror Project ACCE Action East Bay Organizing Committee (Fight for 15) Since this arrived as an attachment, the RSVP address was lost.  Best bet is to go to Google to find the sponsor's web sites for more information and to respond.
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Rally for Police Accountability

This is the text of a letter we are asking you to send to City Council members

McElhaney (D3Intern@oaklandnet.com)

Campbell-Washington (ACampbellWashington@oaklandnet.com)

Guillen (clchen@oaklandnet.com)

Reid (lreid@oaklandnet.com)

in advance of the June 14th rally and hearing: Dear Council Member ___________________   Oakland has spent more than 30 million dollars monitoring the Negotiated Settlement Agreement over the Oakland Police Department since 2003 and over 65 million dollars on wrongful death and police brutality lawsuits. How many affordable housing units or police academies could those funds have provided for our city? As you know, a group of concerned citizens and [30] organizations, known as the Oakland Police Accountability Coalition including the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, the League of Women Voters, SEIU Local 1021, ACCE, the Oakland Alliance, and the Block by Block Organizing Network have discussed the need for a truly independent police commission that could be set up when the current federal oversight ends. The Coalition has researched existing versions, interviewed attorneys, police specialists and sitting commissioners in other cities and come up with a unique new model of police oversight. Since an independent commission requires a charter change and a citywide election, we are requesting that you join with Council Members Kalb, Gallo, and Kaplan to put this carefully wrought measure on the November ballot rather than substituting a weaker ordinance that does not provide true citizen accountability. A measure that continues to give the mayor or a city administrator the option of declining to impose discipline, for instance, would restrict true police department reform and leave us open for more abuse and additional lawsuits in the future. This is a good government measure that provides transparency and real community engagement with police operations for all Oakland residents. As progressives, we expect no less from our representatives. We hope you will join with progressive council colleagues to place it on the ballot. Signed Pamela Drake, Sheryl Walton, Sharon Rose, Floyd Huen, Rich Johnson, Michael Tigges You can copy and paste the text into your favorite text editor, or download it from here: Progressives' Police Accountability Measure
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BBBON Demands to Solve the Housing Crisis

The Council Has Passed the “Housing Roadmap” – Now What?


Declare Housing State of Emergency and Immediate Moratorium on Approval of New Projects

To meet the crisis that is upon us and to stabilize the housing market in this moment, we call on city government to declare a Housing State of Emergency and a moratorium on approval of new projects until significant developer impact fees are implemented, along with a timeline to implement the Housing Equity Roadmap, including an inclusionary zoning ordinance.

Impose Developer Impact Fees

Complete the study which will allow the City to impose impact fees on developers that will go toward affordable and low income housing (and other impacts, like better roads). Impose the highest amount suggested by the study and dedicate the majority of it to affordable housing. Do not approve new projects until the impact fees are in place.

Allow Inclusionary Zoning

We call on our elected officials to demand that Governor Jerry Brown sign an amendment to Costa Hawkins to allow for inclusionary zoning in all California cities, and to pass immediate substantial Developer Impact fees that can produce the equivalent of at least 30% affordable housing in new developments. To ensure that the cultural and economic diversity we all love about Oakland can stay here, we advocate that at least 15% of new units are accessible to 40% and below AMI, and that at least 15% of new units are accessible to 40%-80% AMI.

Use 50% of Boomerang Funds for Affordable Housing

The City should increase the percent of proceeds received from former redevelopment funds from 25% to 50% to increase the number of affordable units that can be built.

Mandate At Least 50% New Development Around Transit Be Affordable

As studies have shown, low-income residents use public transit more and market-rate developments around transit increase car usage. Therefore, at least 50% of new development around BART and AC Transit hubs should be held for affordable housing at 80% AMI or below. Oakland’s Fruitvale Village is a national model for equitable transit-oriented development without displacement, and Oakland should continue leading this important work.

Allocate Public Land for Public Good

Allocate un-used lands and properties currently supported by public tax dollars to affordable housing or mixed-usage for public good. This includes working with the Oakland Housing Authority to ensure that the 2530 9th Avenue property currently for sale and all properties purchased with public tax dollars remain affordable housing units.

Fund the Down Payment Assistance and First Time Homebuyer Programs

Ensure that down payment assistance programs targeted to long-time Oakland residents to be able to purchase their homes are funded at levels that actually enable low-income and middle-income residents to buy homes in the Oakland market.

Protect Tenants Rights

We call on city government to implement a comprehensive rent control ordinance. Oakland’s Rent Adjustment law was written by landlords to preference landlords in the majority of cases. We call for a revisiting of the Rent Adjustment process to ensure that tenants rightsareprotected, including more than two seats of the Rent Board held for tenants (as homeowners often side with landlords) and the burden of proof put on the landlord rather than the tenant. We also call for the implementation of the Tenant Protection Ordinance to be funded through public attorney assistance for tenants, because the majority of tenants cannot afford lawyers to file cases in Superior Court. All landlords should be required to provide a copy of Tenant Rights laws with all tenants, or be charged fines that go to funding the Tenant Protection Ordinance.

Pass an Anti-Speculation Tax

To prevent further displacement of residents resulting from the flipping of houses and properties for profit, the City should implement a higher tax on for-profit corporations that buy foreclosed properties or buyout current residents to make a profit. This should include any companies using services like AirBnB to take large numbers of rental units permanently off the market.

Revise Accessory Dwelling Unit Policy

Cities across the nation are revising policies to allow for more smart density as the country re-urbanizes. The City Council should pass an ordinance that allows homeowners to add accessory units on their open land, including allowing tiny homes and easing parking restrictions with the understanding that more and more residents are biking and taking public transit. We ask our elected officials to take these bold steps now, and to not be timid in this critical small window of time that we have right now to save Oakland’s diversity. We call on our elected officials to stop giving developers whatever they want because they tell you that no one will develop in Oakland if you place restrictions on them. Oakland is at the hub of a very profitable economy, and people will continue to build here. It is your responsibility to the residents to ensure that Oakland is built and developed as an inclusive and equitable city.
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Call to Action on the Housing Crisis

Join BBBON and other organizations (Wellstone Democratic Club, Oakland Alliance, John George Democratic Club, Oakland Tenants Union, Post Salon & other Housing Activists)

Mobilize to tell the City Council on April 5th @5:30

HouseDeclare a Housing State of Emergency HouseDeclare a Moratorium on No Cause Evictions HouseAlso Declare a Moratorium on Rent Increases HousePass or place on ballot the Renters’ Upgrade Measure by the Oakland Tenants Union HouseRequire Community Benefits-Impact Fees & Percentage of Affordable Units If you can't make the 5:30 rally, you can sign up to speak during discussions on this agenda item here. If you can't make it to the City Council meeting, download this Housing letter , insert your specific details in the fill-in fields and send it to your Council member and the at-Large Council member. Just because many of us are secure in our homes, it doesn't mean we can ignore the plight or concerns of the 60% of our neighbors and friends who rent and are at the mercy of their landlords or speculators who are out to make money on the backs of our diverse community that gives us the reason why we haven't moved over the hill to the whiter and less diverse burbs to the East. Here is the contact information for your Council members: Mail: [Council Member’s Name] 1 Frank Ogowa Plaza Oakland, CA  94612   District 1 - Councilmember Dan Kalb  Phone: (510) 238-7001 Email: dkalb@oaklandnet.com   District 2 - Councilmember Abel Guillen Ph: (510) 238-7002 Email: aguillen@oaklandnet.com   District 3 - Councilmember Lynette McElhaney  Ph: 510-238-7003 E-Mail: lmcelhaney@oaklandnet.com   District 4 - Councilmember Annie Campbell Washington Ph: (510) 238-7004 Email: acampbellwashington@oaklandnet.com    District 5 - Councilmember Noel Gallo Ph: (510) 238-7005 Email: ngallo@oaklandnet.com   District 6 - Councilmember Desley Brooks Ph: (510) 238-7006 (office) Email: dbrooks@oaklandnet.com   District 7 - Councilmember Larry Reid Ph: (510) 238-7007 E-mail: lreid@oaklandnet.com   Councilmember - At-Large Rebecca Kaplan  Ph: (510) 238-7008 E-mail: rkaplan@oaklandnet.com  
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February GA Minutes

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Approval of Agenda and Minutes

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.  The minutes of the January meeting were not available, so approval was deferred


  • Friday at 30th & Broadway at 1 pm there will be a demonstration for return of bus stop sponsored by ACCE. Valentines will be delivered to the Summit Bank branch at the close of the demonstration.  Tuesday at Open Forum at City Council, volunteers are need to speak on behalf of the bus stop return.
  • Lailan led a march to preserve the mural at a site greenlighted for development without mitigation or affordable housing. See Pamela Drake’s blog (http://draketalkoakland.com/) for background information and comments.
  • The Oakland Tenants Union is starting an effort to put a rent control ballot measure on the November ballot. They need to raise $175K to support the effort.
  • Jean – The Area specific plans specified that there be 25% affordable housing. This is an important struggle for that and community benefits.  This after the city gave them a gift equivalent to half of the boomerang funds coming to the Town after the destruction of redevelopment.  Take leaflets on coal coalition when canvassing.  Coal will before the council on next Tuesday.

Committee Reports

  • Affordable housing update: Impact fees have finally come to the council in committee meetings (2).  The committees are holding the matter over for another meeting.  The current proposal is for $20K per unit that the council is stalling until after the boom.  Jean Quan proposed a harder line; no new projects until the impact fee is imposed and more money.  The housing coalition is still asking for a declaration of housing emergency.  There was a request for a bullet point of talking points so email and calls can be made to the council in the next week.  [Note that the document is posted on the BBBON web site, bbon.net] James Vann was furious that surrounding cities collect fees while Oakland acts as if it’s not good enough.
  • ACORN housing issues: The issue is the Gateway Shopping Center at Market and 8th.  Getting an anchor tenant (a market) has been a struggle.  EBASE, WOMAC & Tom Henderson own 75% of the development and the remaining 25% is owned by the city as a community benefit.  EBALSE has been phased out of the deal after Henderson bought out EBALSE’s share.  This is an Oakland redevelopment project.  Bridge Housing owns the property.  The community doesn’t realize that they own the properties.     Patterson and Mahammad (ACORN residents who have been described as West Oakland poverty pimps) have been obstructing the process of redevelopment.  It looks like the property is being engineered to pass into their hands.    Henderson stopped payments to WOMAC, which resulted in a lawsuit.  (See Oakland Post Jan 13-19 issue for more details).
  • Police Accountability update: The latest draft of the ballot measure has been distributed and is on the BBBON web site.  The letter of intent and text have been submitted to the City Attorney, which also indicates the intention to collect signatures.  SEIU 1021 will hold a workshop on how to do the signature gathering on Feb 18.  This night the coalition is also facilitating a meeting with the monitor on police interactions.  Details and a flyer have been posted to the web site.
  • Political Action update: The search for progressive candidates continues.  The Oakland alliance is putting together a coalition of local groups to find and support progressives for local office.  The procedures are being discussed.  The concentration this round are D3 and D7 council and school board seats.  Once things gel the SC will be asked to consider joining the coalition and presenting it to the GA for approval.
  • ACDCC and Sandre Swanson: The CA Primary is June 7th.  BBBON endorsed Sandre in November.  Because the primary is now a top 2 and the three running are Sandre, Nancy Skinner, and Katheryn Welch from Piedmont.  The expectation is that Swanson and Skinner will be in the general.  Nelsy Bautista has been hired as paid staff for the campaign on the AD 15 slate.  Wellstone will host a debate between Welch, Skinner and Swanson as part of the endorsement process.  Also 4 others were nominated for the slate in January.  The Wellston meeting will be on the web site calendar.  Jean Quan spoke about the importance of getting progressives involved in Dem party politics.

Program: Ceasefire Walks

Speaker:  Rev. Damita, Ceasefire Community Chair.  Her function is to facilitate the community part to reduce violence in the city.  She has been organizing weekly night walks in deep East between High St. and the San Leandro border Friday nights since 2012, where 50% of shootings occurred.  This was an area where gangs hang out as ceasefire data showed.  The Friday walks take different routes (lately at 78th and Bancroft) from St.  Benedicts to walk behind Castlemont.  While the group invites neighbors to be part of the group, it works best with the inclusion of people from other neighborhoods.  Mills students have also been part of the walks as part of their community service.  Walks usually include 22 walkers.  When there are less than 8, no walk.   No walks on holiday Fridays.  All walks start from a community church at 6:30 and end around 9 pm. Crime data drives the routes.  The group’s presence is to say they care about the guys hanging out and that the gun violence has to stop.  In West Oakland there has been an uptick of shootings in Ghost town (the historic Hoover neighborhood).  Walks started the first Friday in Feb.  The weekly schedule is as follows:
  • Center Street Missionary Baptist, 940 Center Street
  • Elevate Gospel Church, 3265 Market Street
  • Zion MBC, 1203 Willow Street
  • Mary's Center, 945 Brockhurst Street
Volunteers are needed to reach out to the people who need to be gotten to.  Most of the homicides are relational, so the war on drugs doesn’t reduce the violence.  In first year the call-ins very few voluntary returns occurred, because of where they were held and the amount of police presence.  Feedback from clients led to adjusted meetings.  Now > 50% of clients take steps to get out of the life.  Permanent housing has lately been more important than jobs for stability.  BBBON members were asked to volunteer for a week in West Oakland each month.

Next Meeting

Lions Creek Crossing, March 10th


Minutes submitted by:     Michael Tigges
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D7 MLK Day of Service Results

Every year Block by Block Organizing Network District 7 (BBBON D7) holds a service event in District 7 to commemorate Martin Luther King Day. In 2016, BBBON D7 continued this tradition by hosting a planting and cleaning event on G-Street (between 85th and 92nd Avenues).FullSizeRender_5 For over the past two years, BBBON D7 and HOPE Collaborative have partnered to reduce blight on G-Street. Heavy illegal trash dumping was identified by hundreds of Elmhurst residents as a community concern and health impediment during the development of the Elmhurst Neighborhood Plan. Responding to this neighborhood need, HOPE Collaborative has partnered with BBBON D7 to host regular service activities on G-Street. Some past accomplishments include planting approximately 30 trees on G-Street, installation of motion lights and door-to door-outreach to residents and businesses on and nearby G-Street. This work has been made possible by two rounds of mini-grants administered by HOPE Collaborative and funded by The California Endowment.This year's event built on past efforts by focusing on bringing local attention to the activities on G-Street and installing five large planter boxes on G-Street. Ideally, bringing additional greenery to G-Street will decorate and beautify the area while also acting as a blight impediment. Overall, 50 individuals participated in the event. Together, folks collected 97 bags of trash, and 5 big planter boxes were painted by kids who live in the neighborhood working alongside local artists at NIMBY. The planter boxes are now located throughout G-Street. The event was a success due to the diverse groups who volunteered. Thanks to everyone who participated, including the local youth (11 in all) and their parents who helped decorate the planter bIMG_4848oxes, NIMBY, Oakland Catholic Workers, Youth Action Board and HOPE members, OUSD school board member Shanti Gonzales and former Mayor Quan, and of course, BBBON D7 for organizing the event. Thanks as well to the Oakland Public Works Department for the tools and materials. If you are interested in learning more about the G-Street project or in attending BBBON D7's next monthly meeting (scheduled for Friday, February 26, 6: 30-8:00pm at Allen Temple Baptist Church, Family Life Ctr. 2nd Flr., end of the hall) please contact Sheryl Walton of BBBON D7 or Ruben at ruben@hopecollaborative.net or 510.444.4295.
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Community Forum on Police Accountability

The Coalition for Police Accountability announced a community forum with the Federal monitor of the now 13 year old consent decree that was imposed after the Rider's scandal. Community Forum Testimony at this forum will provide more public awareness of the drive to establish a Police Commission with a charter amendment. Text of the measure
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