BLOCK BY BLOCK ORGANIZING NETWORK (BBBON) is a not-for-profit citywide, district-based volunteer organization founded and led by progressive residents of Oakland who believe in social and economic justice for all.

Our membership is dedicated to building stronger, more sustainable Oakland communities by supporting local business and building neighborhood leadership. We work to build a unified city. “Our goal is One Progressive Voice for Oakland!”

Our Mission

The Mission for Block by Block Organizing Network (BBBON) is to build stronger and more sustainable communities for the benefit of ALL Oakland residents, especially those most impacted by the unfair ecomomic system in which we live.

Everyday we strive to:

  • develop and build grassroots leadership in neighborhoods,
  • increase participation, communication and transparency in all civic activities
  • influence  policy in all democratic institutions, and,
  • work with businesses, government, community based organizations, and civic institutions, to achieve social, political, and economic justice in a collaborative partnership led by progressives.