Alan Brill’s Calendar of Events

[Editors Note: These events will be added to the BBBON calendar for easy access]

Thurs Jan 19 4:30P

Who: Oakland Community Organizations

What: March to Resist Trump Policies

Where: Oakland Fed. Bldg. @ 1301 Clay St.



Fri Jan 20.  Time:  Volunteer – 8:30-11 am; Advocacy 11 am – 12p; Volunteer 12-3p.

Who:  Alameda County Food Bank

What:  A Day of Unity and Action

Where:  7900 Edgewater Dr., Oakland.


Fri Jan 20.  Time:  7 am -5 pm

Who:  Oakland Sollidarity Assembly.

Where:  Ron V. Dellums Federal Bldg., 1301 Clay St., Oakland

Strike Schedule:
– 7am – The Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building (1301 Clay Street) will be shut down with a Mass Picket Line disrupting all ICE and Federal Operations. They will be providing breakfast for the working class and poor at the Picket Line.
– 9 am – Oscar Grant Plaza (14th and Broadway) They will be hosting an All Day Mutual Aid Fair with Teach-Ins/Workshops, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, A Free Store, Speakers, and Music.
– 12PM – March of the Working Class – Organized and Unrepresented workers will gather in unity at Latham Square on Broadway and Telegraph (site of the 1946 General Strike) – Endorsed by Labor Rising Against Trump–     5 PM – Open Mic / Speak Out – Oscar Grant Plaza – 14th and Broadway

Fri Jan 20th – Sat Jan 21.  Anytime, all the time.

Who:  You

What:  Bang the Pots, Raise the Din.

Where: Your home porch…bang pots on porch, make noise to protest Trump inauguration

Fri Jan 20. Time:  8 pm – 1 am.

Who:  Bay Area Dump Trump

What:  Mass street gathering. May be infiltrators present here and at other resistance actions.

Where:  Justin Herman Plaza, 1 Market Street, San Francisco

Sat., Jan 21 Time: 10 am – 3 pm.

What:  Women’s March

Where: Madison Park at 9th street, Oakland

Sat Jan 21. Time:  12 – 3 pm

Who:  Occupy Inauguration

Where:  Frank Ogawa Plaza,

What:  This will be a family-friendly event to protest the inauguration of Trump.

Sat Jan. 21.  Time 4 – 9 pm.

What:  Women’s March – SF

Where:  Civic Center, SF – Justin Herman Plaza.

Thurs Jan 26 Time: 7-9 pm

What: Deeper Understanding of Islam

Where: Kehilla Synagogue 1300 Grand Ave

What: Interactive event about Islam by Oakland Neighbors Inspiring Trust (ONIT)

Sun Jan 29: Afternoon—Exact time TBD

What: Glenview Area Groups for Action-GAGA

Gathering—Discuss Emotions & Plan           Neighborhood Actions

Where: Location TBD

Email for Information:


Fri Jan. 20 and Sat Jan 21.  Time:  1/20 10 am – 1/21 1 am.


Where:  Every city, USA

Sat Jan 21. Time: 10 am – 3 pm.

What:  National Women’s March.
Location: Independence Ave and 3rd street SW.

Sat Jan. 21.

What:  Occupy Inauguration

Where: At Inauguration



Wed Feb 1.  Time:  6-8 pm

Who: various activist groups

What: No Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley – to protest him speaking on campus

Where: UC Berkeley, Pauley Ballroom, MLK Student Union, 2nd floor

Wed Feb 1. Time: 6:30-8:30 pm

Who: Oakland Privacy

What:  group meeting

This group advocates for privacy and surveillance regulation ordinances around the bay area

Where: Omni Commons 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland

Thur Feb 2. – Sat Feb 4  Times:  Thur: 5:30pm – 11:00pm; Fri: 9am – 12:30pm. [Lunch Break] 2pm – 5pm. [Dinner Break] 7pm – 11pm; Sat: 9am – 5pm. [Dinner Break] 7pm – 11pm

Who:  Sister Giant (Marianne Williamson)

What:  On The Intersection of Spirituality and Politics

Partial list of  speakers:  Bernie Saunders, Alan Grayson, Thom Hartmann, Dennis Kucinich, John Fugelsang, etc.  $149 to attend in WDC, $50 to livestream

Where:  Crystal Gateway Marriott, 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, in Arlington, VA

Sun Feb 5.  Time: 1 pm

Who:  Oakland Justice Coalition

What: Presentation: “Remaking an American City: How the Richmond Progressive Alliance turned a company town into a model for municipal action in the Trump Era”

Guest speaker: Steve Early

Where: 1830 Lakeshore Ave #104, Oakland

Presented by the Oakland Justice Coalition

Sun Feb 26.  Time:  4 pm

Who:  Courage Campaign

What:  The second “Speak Your Truth” event

Agenda:  Let’s come together as a community to vent, cry, share ideas for action, and get inspired! Just being together with like-minded people will help all of us heal in these challenging times. This time we’ll review what

everyone has been able to accomplish in the last two months and then we’ll plan to do more… I’ll try to get someone from the ACLU or the SF Human Rights Commission to come and talk to us as well. Our first meeting was quite a success – I’m sure our second one will be too!

Where:  Must reserve to see location.


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