Following the defeat of Don Perata in 2010 it became apparent that progressive civic leaders and area activists needed to organize as a united voice against conservative insider politics.  Block by Block was born out of the notion that people change communities and that progressive people can change communities to meet the needs of all people, especially those most impacted by the unfair economic system in which we live.

We provided volunteers for Mayoral Town Halls in each of the city’s 7 districts including the first all Chinese town hall which drew over 400 people.

Every summer we helped recruit over 2000 low income youth for the Summer Jobs programs.

Our members mobilized for National Night Out in every district to encourage neighborhood organizing and community safety and policing.

We provided outreach to low income neighborhoods supporting the West Oakland Jobs Resource Center which is a pipeline to the jobs at the Oakland Army Base.

During the Occupy demonstrations provided Peacekeepers to minimize violence at demonstrations.  We continue to provide Peacekeepers at First Fridays.

As Oakland Progressives we have a long history of fighting for underserved communities.  From the Black Panthers to the Occupy movement, Oakland is a national leader of progressive politics.  BLOCK BY BLOCK ORGANIZING NETWORK is proud to continue the legacy of progressive politics in Oakland.