Committee Chair - Margaret

JOBS PROJECT Goals Employment at a living wage for the people of Oakland regardless of age, race, gender or ex offender status Strengthen the power of working people, and in particular organized labor, in the City Of Oakland Objectives for the Period Work with the Building Trades Unions and the West Oakland Jobs center so that 65% of the jobs at the Army Base and other major developments in Oakland go to Oakland residents Refer 200 people to the West Oakland Jobs Center who actually get jobs Follow-up on the Foothill Square Project including unionization of Food Co Develop a plan for expanding this effort to supporting employment and labor rights in other areas such as food workers, day laborers, and workers in light manufacturing. Connect youth to job search skill learning opportunities Immediate Action  Plan Canvassing in West Oakland promoting the West Oakland Jobs Center and Block By Block-Kick it off with a rally/press event to announce the campaign Presentations and informational tabling at religious services, starting first in West Oakland, laying out the opportunity for Jobs and promoting Block by Block Paid tabling and recruiting at Merritt and Laney Colleges, First Fridays and other key spots where young people gather to refer them to the West Oakland Jobs Center and other employment services and to promote Block by Block Gather a sign-up sheet at each of the above and do calling to follow-up and give a quick pitch for people to get involved in Block by Block Work with Food Co and John Jay to get youth Jobs at Foothill Square Work with the UFCW to Unionize Food Co making sure the efforts of Block by Block are recognized Follow-through Assure that data on racial/ethnic/gender of job applicants and those selected is gathered and analyzed. How it will build the Block by Block Build the reputation of Block by Block in the community as a pro labor organization that does real things for real people Expand D-3 and D-7 committees Incorporation of more young people How will it aid in the formation of a progressive coalition in Oakland Expand the alliance with unions and jobs service agencies Bring the religious community into the push for Jobs and a living wage in alliance with Block by Block