BBBON Steering Committee Meeting

 October 13, 2016

 Decisions and Action Items


  • Continue to concentrate in Districts 5 and 7
  • Walk in the last three weeks for Noel Gallo, and Rosie Torres (1), Michael Hutchinson (2)
  • Continue to push Measures HH, JJ and LL
  • Send email blast to mailing list and make phone calls to get more walkers and phone bankers
  • Appeal to Cantonese speakers to join phone bank to Chinese Americans organized by Jean and Floyd

Next GA

  • On November 10, at either Madison Lofts or 1200 Lakeshore. Sharon will get venue.
  • Will have a small panel, including Jean Quan and Pamela Drake, to talk about lessons of the election.
  • Floyd and Jennifer will create a proposal about how to continue to involve young people in BBBON (building on the experience of the “intergenerational” meetings that have been held for the last few months.
  • We will not have a formal holiday party as we did last year, but instead will ask for volunteers to organize a fundraising event for the next GA, February 9, 2017. That meeting will also be the BBBON Annual meeting as stipulated in the by-laws.

Request for SC to consider supporting Oakland small businesses on the question of fair rates for garbage collection

John Claasson, D4 BBBON chair, had asked us to consider supporting the cause of small business owners who are fighting against high or unfair garbage / recycling fees.  We had sent the attached report from the Alameda Civil Grand Jury tp provide background.  But John could not attend the SC meeting and not many of us had read the report, so we decided on the following: Sharon and John will discuss what action(s) might be taken by BBBON and make a presentation at the next SC meeting.  In the meantime, SC members are urged to read the attached report.


Marilyn Lawson, BBBON D6 chair, has organized the annual Health Fair at Lion Creek Crossing apartment complex on Saturday, October 15 (subsequently postponed to October 22 due to rain).  We will assure that campaign literature is there.


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