14.10.26 Canvassing


CAMPAIGNS are a very important part of our organization.  We are activists and campaigns are how we actively influence our City, State and Country to assure our progressive voice is heard.  

We participate in Campaigns in several ways, by endorsing a Campaign, by contributing to a Campaign, and by providing our army of volunteers.

We are frequently asked for endorsements, for example, we were asked to endorse the city-wide Measure FF to raise the minimum wage to $12.25.  The endorsement process begins with a proposal submitted and a Campaign Representative making a informative presentation to our Steering Committee.    After the presentation, the Steering Committee then discusses the merits of the Campaign and decides if the Campaign best represents our Mission Statement.  A vote is taken and if passed a recommendation is made at the next monthly meeting.  The General Assembly again discusses the merits and again a vote is taken.  If the members vote to endorse a Campaign we give the Campaign permission to use our logo as an Endorser.  If you would like our Endorsement for your Campaign please submit a proposal to our Steering Committee for consideration.

Every Campaign needs money and as progressive voices we know most Progressive Campaigns function on a shoestring budget.  After going through the above described Endorsement Process. we will make financial donations to Campaigns that focus on city wide issues in an amount agreed upon by the General Assembly.  We do limit the number Campaign contributions we make for each election cycle.  If you would like our Steering Committee to consider a donation to your Campaign please submit a proposal through our Endorsement Process for approval.

However, our most valuable asset is our army of volunteers.  We are committed progressives from all walks of life.  Some of us are recently called to community activism, some of us have been at this for more years than we care to admit to, but all of us know that “all politics are local.”  We are willing to walk our neighborhoods, make those phone calls and go to public places to disperse flyers because we know that this is the heart of grassroots organizing.  If you would like our army of volunteers to help your Campaign please submit a proposal to our Steering Committee for consideration.