Police Commission Enabling Ordinance Passes First Reading

 Posted on behalf of Rashidah Ggrinage


At 1:00 AM or thereabouts on Wednesday 7-19, Libby’s abstention was read and distributed to the City Council. Interestingly, she offered an intriguing alternative: to pass our restriction on her appointees, subject to change by the Commission itself.

That would have been acceptable to us, but Dan declined to accept that modification, so in the end – Dan’s original ‘main’ motion passed. Desley had left the meeting early which precluded another tie, so our “no” vote block fell apart. But Noel remained a firm ‘No’ vote – so we should remember that he stuck with us to the end –standing alone on principle.

This was the 1st reading. The vote allows the City to start “meet and confer” discussions with any labor unions involved. The 2nd vote will come when the Council reconvenes after summer recess in September.  That will also be the time when the nominations for Commissioner will be presented to the Council for confirmation.

Thanks to the brave souls who stuck it out to the end: Allene, Sheryl, Susan, Lorelei, Larry, Elise, Karen, Mike and Lawrence – and to Bruce, Terri, Jean and others who held out as long as they could! (forgive me if I’ve left out someone – was pretty bleary eyed by the time it was over!)

Obviously, we will try to convince the Commission to accept this practice as a bylaw once they are seated.

*Don’t forget: July 26th – Norm Stamper at 7 PM at the Lakeshore Baptist Church – the Coalition should be there in force (unless you’re on the Selection Panel!).

*And our next Coalition meeting – Tuesday, August 8th at PUEBLO  (3528 Foothill Blvd).

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