The Swanson Report and the Public Safety Committee Debacle

Posted on behalf of Rashidah Ggrinage with edits to reflect dates and names accurately. ALERT:  THE ENABLING LEGISLATION FOR THE POLICE COMMISSION WILL BE VOTED ON AT THE JUNE 27TH MEETING OF THE CITY COUNCIL. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS – WE NEED A LARGE TURNOUT AGAIN! Thanks to everyone who  showed up for the Public Safety Committee meeting on June 13th. We did an excellent job of presenting our concerns! Unfortunately, Abel Guillen was not persuaded, so we deadlocked.  You can read The Express article and comments by following the link. Next steps: We are trying to arrange to meet with Dan Kalb to see if we can close the gap between what his Ordinance provides and what we feel is necessary to change and/or include. If we are successful in achieving some measure of consensus, the hope is that we will withdraw our competing Ordinance and simply fight to amend it in the areas that are still dispute. Our chances of getting 5 Council votes are improved if we don’t challenge his Ordinance but simply try to amend it. We will need to try to persuade Lynette McElhaney to agree with whatever amendments we propose and make sure Annie Campbell=Washington is still on board, as she indicated she was when we met with her on Friday 9-9. The other 3 votes will be Desley Brooks, Noel Gallo and Rebecca Kaplan. I suggest that folks who backed Abel for District 2 Council member let him hear how disappointing he was and how he has undermined support for his re-election next year.  Even if he doesn’t change his vote, he needs to know that we are paying attention! Again – many thanks to all of you who came, who spoke, who ceded time, and who emailed Council members and represented this Coalition so passionately and intelligently! Onward!!!! The fat lady hasn’t sung yet! So I buried the lede of the Swanson-Report 6-21-2017.  Official: Oakland mayor bungled police sex misconduct probe  As if there are any more reasons to have an effective Police Commission.    

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