CALLS TO ACTION begin with our monthly meetings which are held the second Thursday of each month.  We share a potluck starting at 5:30 and spend an hour breaking bread and decompressing from our busy lives.  Some of us are teachers, some of us own small businesses, some of us are doctors.  All of us struggle to make ends meet as wages stagnate and the income inequality gap limits our “pursuit of happiness.”

The business meeting starts at 6:30 and our “Call to Action” presentation begins shortly thereafter.  We begin with a panal of 3 or 4 civic leaders representing different areas of focus on the topic chosen for the meeting.  The topic changes monthly and recent topics include Charter Schools, the sexual exploitation of minors and the City Budget.  The panelists give an informative presentation geared toward preparing our members to take action.  For example, when preparing our members for a walk against the sexual exploitation of minors down International Blvd. the importance of not jeopardizing the minors safety, or when preparing to testify before City Council how to stay within the required time limits.  Our members are then informed and prepared for a successful “Call to Action.”