Public Safety

Don Co-chair


BBBON Demands Safe Neighborhoods for ALL Oakland Residents

BBBON asks that the Mayor, the City Council, and all elected City officials make Public Safety a top priority.

BBBON asks that ALL Oakland residents make Public Safety a personal priority.

We advocate crime prevention by the following tried and tested means:

Supporting the formation of Neighborhood Watch Groups throughout Oakland.

Educating the community about violence reduction, including the principles and techniques of restorative justice, emergency preparedness and support for community policing.

Marcus Co-Chair

Encouraging Oakland residents to participate in Neighborhood Councils.

Maintaining an on-going partnership between the OPD and Oakland youth using mutually agreed to means.

BBBON will work in cooperation with law enforcement, City officials and other public safety entities to help make Oakland a safe and vibrant, livable community.

Oakland needs the following in order to make our City a safe place to live and to reduce the homicide rate:

  • Access to quality education for anyone desiring one – especially our youth – to prepare them for jobs or for college or other advanced professional training. Our young people need to stay in school and off the streets. Truancy is proven to be the gateway to a failed life. Expand the mentoring program to include all Oakland youth.
  • Economic opportunities for all including part-time and summer jobs for Oakland youth in school.
  • Recreational activities that promote respect for others.
  • Neighborhood education on how blight relates to crime.
  • Strict enforcement of the City ordinance known as Firearms and Weapon Violence Prevention; and resources to eliminate the proliferation of illegal drugs. They end lives, kill dreams and destroy the spirit of the Oakland community.

BBBON believes the goal should be Zero Homicides! Each One is One Too Many!